Notice to Sellers  
  Auction Bid Process
  Auction Bid Process
Preliminary inspection
The seller may send colour photograph and relevant materials (such as name, size, texture and the Reserve) of the lot to us by post, WeChat or email for preliminary inspection.

We also welcome the seller to bring the item to our office for preliminary inspection (Free of charge). The client shall make an appointment with the staff in charge of the category.

If the lot is fragile, or large either in size or amount, we are ready to provide on-site preliminary inspection (Free of charge).

Reference price
A Reserve should be set for all lots offered. It shall be agreed by the seller and us in written agreement. Once the Reserve is fixed, any modification shall be subject to mutual consent.

Agreement signing
If the lot is ready to sell, a consignment contract shall be signed between the seller and us. Meanwhile, we will provide a 'temporary receipt' for the seller.

When the lot is kept in our company, unless the seller has other written instructions, it will be covered by insurance arranged by Tsi Ku Chai Auct. The insured amount shall be based on the Reserve agreed by the seller and us.

Catalogue production
All the selected lots will be listed in the catalogue for bidders' reference, including relevant descriptions, reference price and pictures.

Public preview
All the selected lots will be arranged for a three-day public preview before the auction is held.

Transaction reports
We will deliver a formal transaction report with the final transaction price to the seller by post usually within five days after the auction ends.

If the successful bidder has made all the due payments to us, we will pay to the seller within 35 days after the auction ends.

Unsold lots
If the lot fails to sell, the seller may collect it within 30 days after the auction ends.