Absentee Bid


Prospective bidders are advised to attend the auction in person. If the bidder is unable to do so, he/she can also commission Tsi Ku Chai Auct to act as their agent in written or telephone form of bidding.

Absentee bid process and the deposit
Prospective bidders shall authorize Tsi Ku Chai Auct to act as their agent by submitting the Commission Bid Agreement at least 24 hours before the auction day, and shall pay Tsi Ku Chai Auct a deposit in accordance with the total bid price:
    -Total bid at HK$50,000.00 or below deposit at 100%
    -Total bid at HK$50,001.00- 200,000.00 deposit at HK$50,000.00
    -Total bid at HK$200,001.00 or above deposit at 30%

Absentee bid cancellation
If prospective bidders would like to cancel the commission, he/she shall notify Tsi Ku Chai Auct in written form no less than 24 hours before the auction day.

Successful bid
The result of the bid will be sent by SMS or post after the auction.

Disclaimer of absentee bid
Tsi Ku Chai Auct offer absentee bid service for the sake of convenience of prospective bidders. Tsi Ku Chai Auct and its staff accept no responsibility for any fault, neglect or loss of bidding opportunity in the process of absentee bid. If we receive more than one absentee bid with same bid price for a particular lot, it will be sold to the person whose absentee bid we received first.
We reserve the rights to determine whether to accept the absentee bid or not.

Deposite account

a. HK bank account: Bank Name: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited,
Queen's Road Central Branch
  Account Name: Tsi Ku Chai Auctioneers (China) Company Limited
  Account No.: 012-746-1-003365-0
b. RMB bank account: Bank Name: Bank of Shanghai
  Account Name: Shanghai Tsi Ku Chai Culture and Arts Co., Ltd.
  Account No.: 316256-00003033034